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JANNuS-SCALP is an interdisciplinary research platform supporting many scientific fields ranging from materials sciences to astrophysics, including geology and nuclear physics. The domains of application are varied: nuclear (fusion / fission) and solar energy, microelectronics, production of isotopes for the medical sector. The platform consists of different equipment for ion irradiation / implantation (ARAMIS, IRMA and SIDONIE) and analysis (RBS, PIXE, PIGE, TEM…). The coupling of the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) with ARAMIS and IRMA, is unique in the world due to the diversity of elements and energies that it allows one to accelerate in situ inside the TEM, and it is part of the JANNuS Scientific Interest Group with the CEA Saclay (DES / DMN / SRMP). This device makes it possible to characterize the evolution of structural and chemical modifications of materials subjected to one or two beams of ions, in situ at the nanometric scale. The JANNuS-SCALP platform is a founding member of the EMIR&A federation which is included in the national roadmap for research infrastructures.