Guardiola, C., Márquez, A., Jiménez-Ramos, M.C. et al.

Sci Rep 11, 10414 (2021)

This work presents the first tests performed with radiochromic films and a new Micro‒Opto‒Electro-Mechanical system (MOEMS) for in situ dosimetry evaluation in radiotherapy in real time. We present a new device and methodology that overcomes the traditional limitation of time-delay in radiochromic film analysis by turning a passive detector into an active sensor. The proposed system consists mainly of an optical sensor based on light emitting diodes and photodetectors controlled by both customized electronic circuit and graphical user interface, which enables optical measurements directly. We show the first trials performed in a low‒energy proton cyclotron with this MOEMS by using gafchromic EBT3 films. Results show the feasibility of using this system for in situ dose evaluations. Further adaptation is ongoing to develop a full real‒time active detector by integrating MOEM multi‒arrays and films in flexible printed circuits. Hence, we point to improve the clinical application of radiochromic films with the aim to optimize radiotherapy treatment verifications.

Lien éditeur : Sci Rep 11, 10414 (2021)
18/05/2021 09:48