D. Simeone, P. Garcia, C. O. Bacri, and L. Luneville.

Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 246103, December 2020

This work presents a consistent formulation of the phase-field approach to model the behavior ofnonmiscible alloys under irradiation which includes elastic strain fields, an example of a long-rangeinteraction. Simulations show that the spatial isotropy that is characteristic of radiation-induced patternsbreaks down as a result of the elastic strain energy. The consequence of this is the emergence of superlatticestructures under irradiation liable to modify macroscopic material properties. This approach is assessedagainst the experimental study of a AgCu alloy under irradiation: we compare our simulation results tomeasured solubility limits and Young moduli.

15/12/2020 15:13