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The IT and computing Department consists of 3 departments covering all of the laboratory’s IT activities, from the implementation of resources and user support to software development. The 3 services are:

  • Operations Department: it takes care of the implementation of all the computer resources of the laboratory, from servers to workstations (Windows, Macintosh, Linux). This includes implementing and managing the VirtualData cloud and the IJCLab part of the GRIF grid node.
  • Online Service: it supports software developments for data acquisition and the control of experimental installations, particularly particle accelerators. The service has responsibilities in the data acquisition of several international experiments in which the laboratory participates (Belle II, LHCb, Virgo, AGATA…).
  • Development Service: it ensures software developments (excluding online activities) for laboratory experiments and projects. The service has developed specific expertise in the parallel processing of large volumes of data (in particular by relying on the Apache Spark technology) and the optimization and portability of software performance, in particular on new hardware architectures (GPGPU, FPGA…). It also has skills covering a broad range of IT activities: database, data visualization, man-machine interface, web applications, simulation tools, software engineering…