LASERIX is an experimental platform of the Université Paris-Saclay attached to IJCLab since January 1, 2020. Thanks to the unique performances of its pilot laser, LASERIX offers an access to a complete range of coherent, intense and brief sources (50fs to 10 ps) in the near-infrared (800 nm) and EUV (30 to 90 eV) domains to scientific and industrial communities. As they are excited by a single femtosecond source, all the light lines are perfectly synchronized, making LASERIX a very powerful tool for the realization of pump-probe experiments resolved in time with an extended spectral coverage towards high energies.

LASERIX has widened from its fields of applications to the acceleration of electrons in a plasma created by a laser wake, addressing core research themes of IJCLab carried by CNRS (IN2P3 and INP) in collaboration with CEAIL / IRFU and SOLEIL. A project is underway to couple the pilot laser to the photo-injector (PHIL) to offer an intense laser-electron interaction line in the medium term.