IJCLab aims at the transfer of research results to the broader society. This mission relies on innovation and transfers of technology. This translates into partnerships with companies in the context of research collaborations, R&D contracts, patents or creation of joint laboratories.

The IJCLab has also a policy of opening scientific and technology platforms allowing local, national and international companies to access cutting-edge infrastructures through collaborations, professional training or service offers.

Over the past five years, these interactions led to 41 contracts with industry ; 10 Cifre grants (PhD funded by industry) ; 5 patents ; 6 know-how transfer ; 7 patent and software licences ; 1 SESAME PIA2 grant -Valorisation of technology platforms – from Ile-de-France Region.

Among our Industrial partners, one can name EDF, ANDRA, ORANO, Thales, Orsay Physics, Amplitude systèmes, TRAD, Alsyom, Theoris, CAEN, Caylar, Nanobacterie SA, CEA, AG Medical, Systel Electronique, AzurSpace, Almae Technologies, 3SP Technologies, …