IJClab’s researchers, teacher-researchers and engineers are involved in the organization of national or international thematic schools with the aim of disseminating and tranfering knowledge through training. These schools allow students to benefit from rich scientific programs, to broaden their knowledge, to develop their scientific and professional network, to participate in (real or virtual) laboratory visits and to share moments of informal exchanges.

You will find below schools in which IJCLab is strongly involved in terms of design and organization. To access to these schools websites, click on the title.

  • TESHEP (Teschool)

    TESHEP is a trans-European school of high energy physics. Its aim is to promote exchanges in this field of physics with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. It is aimed at students from all over Europe at the end of their master’s degree or at the beginning of their thesis working in high energy physics or nuclear physics.


    This school gathers about fifty students from An-Najat and Palestine. It involves about ten French teachers helped by Palestinian teachers. The students are taught about particle physics, cosmology and detection techniques. The program also includes tutorials on the subjects taught and practical work in computer science, electronics and data analysis, as well as mini-conferences given by the students on their internship/research topics.

  • Rencontres d’été de Physique de l’infiniment grand à l’infiniment petit

    This Physics summer school offers quality teaching inspired by the CERN summer schools to motivated students of L3 (or equivalent) level over a two-week period. Its aim is to expose them to a more research-oriented approach with those who study it on a daily basis. It allows them to discover the mysteries and problems that still need to be solved in the fields of astrophysics, physics of the infinitely small and nuclear physics, and the applications that are related to and arise from these fields.