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Higgs Hunting 2021

 2021-09-20 - 2021-09-22
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IJCLab Technical Perspectives
 2021-09-23 - 2021-09-29
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The bronze medal award ceremony of the CNRS for Nicolas Morange
 IJCLab - Bât.200
 2021-09-23 - 2021-09-23
(Thesis defence) "Study of particle-hole states in nuclei in the neighbourhood of 78Ni with the nu-Ball spectrometer"
 Damien Thisse, IJCLab, Nuclear physics, FIIRST
 2021-09-20 - 13:00
 IJCLab, Auditorium P. Lehmann, build 200
Nuclear physics
Thesis defence
(Thesis Defence) "Path-integral approaches to strongly-coupled quantum many body systems"
 Kilian Fraboulet, CEA, DAM, DIF
 2021-09-23 - 14:00
 IJCLab, Auditorium Joliot Curie, Bâtiment 100 - Orsay
Nuclear physics
Thesis defence
(Thesis defence) "Study of 36Ca: nuclear structure and astrophysical implications"
 Louis Lalanne, IJCLab, Nuclear physics, NESTAR group
 2021-09-24 - 14:00
 IJCLab, Auditorium P. Lehmann Building 200
Nuclear physics
Thesis defence
(Thesis defence) "New physics in rare b decays: theoretical constraints and phenomenological consequences"
 Martin Novoa Brunet, IJCLab, Pôle physique Théorique
 2021-09-29 - 14:00
 IJCLab, Salle des Conseils, bâtiment 100
Theoretical physics
Thesis defence
(Thesis defence) "Z boson and double charm production with ALICE at the LHC "
 Sizar Aziz, IJCLab (PHE)
 2021-09-30 - 14:00 → 16:00
 IJCLab, Auditorium Joliot-Curie - Bâtiment 100
High energy physics
Thesis defence
(Thesis defence) "Analysis of the B+ -> K+ pi+ pi- gamma decay with early Belle II data"
 Borys Knysh, IJCLab, PHE
 2021-10-07 - 13:30
 IJCLab, Auditorium P. Lehmann, Bâtiment 200
High energy physics
Thesis defence
"Dual beam delivery system serving two interaction regions for the Compact Linear Collider"
» By Vera Cilento, Rogelio Tomás, Benoit Cure, Angeles Faus-Golfe, Barbara Dalena, et al.
Phys.Rev.Accel.Beams, 2021, 24 (7), pp.071001
Accelerator physics
"Twisted BRST symmetry in gauge theories on κ-Minkowski""
» By Philippe Mathieu, Jean-Christophe Wallet
Physical Review D, 2021, 103 (8), pp.086018
Theoretical physics
"Tetraquarks in large-Nc QCD"
» By Wolfgang Lucha, Dmitri Melikhov, Hagop Sazdjian
Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics, Volume 120, September 2021, 103867
Theoretical physics
"Application of an ab-initio-inspired energy density functional to nuclei: Impact of the effective mass and the slope of the symmetry energy on bulk and surface properties"
» By Stefano Burrello, Jérémy Bonnard, et Marcella Grasso
Phys. Rev. C 103, 064317, 15 June 2021
Nuclear physics