Nuclear physics

A CNRS 80 Prime 2020 grant awarded to IJCLab

The MITI (Mission for Transversal and Interdisciplinary Initiatives) of the CNRS has selected projects intended to support and strengthen the interdisciplinarity between the CNRS institutes within the framework of its 80 Prime call for projects.

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Journées Recherche et Technologie du CNRS-IN2P3
 IJCLab Orsay
 2020-11-16 - 2020-11-18
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Higgs Hunting 2020

 2021-07-29 - 2021-07-31
(Thesis Defence) Neutral Pion Electroproduction and development of a Neutral Particle Spectrometer
 Ho San Ko, IJCLab (Pôle PHE)
 2020-07-07 - 09:00 → 11:00
(Thesis Defence) Angular analysis of B0->K*e+e- decays with the LHCb detector and upgrade of the electronics of the calorimeters.
 Fabrice Desse, IJCLab (Pôle PHE)
 2020-07-22 - 10:00 → 13:00
 Auditorium Pierre Lehmann, bldg 200
(Thesis Defence) Double deeply virtual Compton scattering
 Shengying Zhao, IJCLab (pôle PHE JLab/EIC)
 2020-07-28 - 15:00 → 17:00
"A symplectic integrator for molecular dynamics on a hypersphere"
» By J.-M. Caillol
Condensed Matter Physics, 2020, vol. 23, No. 2, 23603
"Towards an amplitude analysis of the decay Λ0b→pK−γ"
» By Albrecht, J., Amhis, Y., Beck, A. et al.
J. High Energ. Phys., 116 (2020)
"Lee-Yang--inspired energy-density functional including contributions from p-wave scattering"
» By J. Bonnard, M. Grasso, D. Lacroix
Physical Review C 101, 064319 (2020)
"Experimental validation of an analytical microdosimetric model based on Geant4-DNA simulations by using a silicon-based microdosimeter"
» By A. Bertolet, V. Grilj, C. Guardiola, et al.
Radiation Physics and Chemistry, (2020), pp.109060