A free visit is offered to all visitors to the campus site. You can also discover the totems near the instruments here. A printable map of the route of the exhibits in front of the buildings is available here

Visits to IJCLab are organized according to the type of public: high school students, students and citizens. Activities aimed at schools are carried out in close collaboration with the teachers.

  • The laboratory opens to the general public during the European Heritage Days, the third weekend of September and during the Fête de la science, in October each year, in relation with the Faculty of Sciences of Orsay. The Fête de la Science is coordinated by the French Ministry of Research and Higher Education, with events organized throughout France.
  • College, high-school or preparatory classes can come for laboratory visits on an ad hoc basis.
  • IJCLab participates in « masterclasses », specific training sessions piloted at European level by Cern and the Eppog network aiming to promote physics among 12th-grade pupils.
  • IJCLab takes part in the organization of the Summer School « De l’infiniment grand à l’infiniment petit » which takes place in mid-July for L3 students interested in the research fields of IJCLab.