The Administration Pole covers all the aspects of finances and human resources for IJCLab.

Reception and Human Resources Division

The Reception and Human Resources Division of IJCLab takes care of the activities related to the reception of visitors as well as the recruitment and career management of IJCLab staff. Within this Division, the Reception Service takes care of the reception in buildings receiving the public, the badges for visitors and the distribution of mail. The Human Resources Service supports and advises teams, permanent staff (concours, mobility, emeritus status, promotions, administrative management, support) and non-permanent staff (recruitment and career management of IT contractors, doctoral students, post-docs, apprentices, interns, management of visitors). In particular, it takes care of the activities of lifelong training for the IJCLab staff.

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Purchase and Logistics Division

The Purchase and Logistics Division supports and assists all IJCLab services, teams, projects and platforms. The Division consists of a team of administrative staff, each of whom is responsible for managing all of the credits in a portfolio according to IJCLab matrix organization according to poles, services and scientific projects. They proceed to the management of credits until invoicing / liquidation, for orders (approximately 7,500 / year) and for missions (approximately 2,500 / year), in agreement with the techniques, rules and procedures of the IJCLab governing bodies.

The Division also includes a Logistics Service with the mission to provide users with consumables and various products, the management and monitoring of services, as well as the receipt and dispatch of packages. The proximity of this store allows technical services and research teams to be very responsive, both for the design and implementation of experimental setups and for the upkeep and maintenance of platforms and/or buildings.


Logistics service

Within the Purchase and Logistics division, the Logistics Service offers in its two stores (buildings 100 and 205) more than 5,000 items in various fields. It provides vehicles and provides services such as gas supply, laundry or storage of technological waste. The Service receives and sends packages from the laboratory, participates in the import and international export of scientific equipment and manages the custom clearance procedure.


Financial Division

The Financial Division (DivFi) is responsible for the management and monitoring of all IJCLab credits. It sets up incoming fundings, transfers internal and external credits and sets up the financial monitoring tools for the various Poles and Services of the laboratory. The division also ensures the financial follow-up of fixed-term contracts (interns, contract workers) and the financial accounts related to ICJLab activities of the reception of external visitors.


Contract Service

Located in the Financial Division, the Contract Service is in charge of financial matters relating to IJCLab research contracts, from setting up credits to justification. It is also involved in the financial arrangement of the various research projects (ANR, enterprises, others).


Markets Service

The Markets Service examines the purchasing procedures for all IJCLab services, in conformity with public regulations. It performs the administrative and legal management of maintenance contracts. Thanks to the expertise of the agents, it provides support in the assessment of user needs and assistance in drawing up contract specifications. Finally, it distributes information relating to public purchases to IJCLab agents (regulations, thresholds, forms, practical information, etc.).

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