Achille Stocchi

Deputy director

Fadi Ibrahim

Assistant of the Director

Catherine Zomer

Assistant of the Deputy director

Céline Gaubert-Rosier

Secretary General

Nathalie Arlaud

Deputy Secretary General

Corinne Poulain

Assistant of the Secretary General

Sonia Martineau

For any questions, we encourage you to contact the whole direction of the laboratory by mail at rather than contacting individual members.

Head of engineering poles and scientific poles


Associate Technical Director

Valérie Chambert

Accelerator Physics

Associate Scientific Director

Walid Kaabi

Nuclear Physics

Associate Scientific Director

David Verney

High-Energy Physics (HEP)

Associate Scientific Director

Nikola Makovec

Astroparticles, astrophysics and cosmology (A2C)

Associate Scientific Director

Sophie Henrot-Versillé

Energy and environment

Associate Scientific Director

Frédérico Garrido

Health physics

Associate Scientific Director

Philippe Lanièce

Theoretical physics

Associate Scientific Director

Samuel Wallon

Assistant of Associate Technical Director

Laurence Berthier

The directorate gathers the direction, the Associate Technical Director (in charge of the Engineering Pole) and the Associate Scientific Directors (in charge of the Scientific Poles).