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 IJCLab Orsay - Bât.200
 2022-09-09 - 2022-09-09
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Higgs Hunting 2022 Workshop
 IJCLab Orsay et LPNHE Paris
 2022-09-12 - 2022-09-14
"Fink: Early supernovae Ia classification using active learning"
» By M. Leoni, E. E. O. Ishida, J. Peloton, A. Möller
Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 663, July 2022
IT and computing
"Extraction of diffusion coefficients from the study of Rb release in different carbon catchers"
» By Julien Guillot, Brigitte Roussière, Pascal Jardin, et al.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, Volume 526, 2022, pp. 9-18
Nuclear physics
"Levy geometric graphs"
» By S. Plaszczynski, G. Nakamura, C. Deroulers, B. Grammaticos, and M. Badoual
Phys. Rev. E 105, 054151, 2022
Health physics
"Search for charged lepton flavor violating decays of ϒ (1S)"
» By S. Patra, V. Bhardwaj, K. Trabelsi, et al. (Belle Collaboration)
Journal of High Energy Physics, 95 (2022)