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FINK Collaboration meeting
 IJCLab Orsay - Salle 101, Bât.200
 2024-01-08 - 2024-01-10
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ARIEL Final Workshop

 2024-01-17 - 2024-01-19
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INTRANS 2024 Workshop
 IJCLab Orsay - Auditorium Pierre Lehmann et Auditorium Joliot Curie (last day)
 2024-01-22 - 2024-01-25
Particle acceleration and multi-messenger radiation from astrophysical outflows
 Enrico Peretti, APC
 2023-12-11 - 14:00 → 15:00
 Bâtiment 200 - Auditorium P. Lehmann
Astroparticles, Astrophysics and Cosmology
(Thesis defence) "Quantum phase transitions in YxSi1-x"
 Le Hong Hoàng TO, IJCLab
 2023-12-13 - 14:00
 IJCLab Orsay - Salle des Conseils - Bâtiment 100M
Astroparticles, Astrophysics and Cosmology
Thesis defence
(Thesis defence) "Studies for the optimization of the cryogenic distribution and control systems of the MYRRHA superconducting linear accelerator"
 Cédric Lhomme, IJClab, Accelerators Physics - ACS
 2023-12-14 - 14:00 → 16:30
 IJClab Orsay - Auditorium Joliot Curie - Building 100A
Accelerator physics
Thesis defence
(Thesis defence) "Towards a generalized effective nuclear Gogny interaction extended to finite-range spin–orbit and tensor forces"
 Geoffrey Zietek, IJCLab, CEA/DAM/DIF
 2023-12-15 - 10:00
 IJCLab - Auditorium Joliot Curie - Bâtiment 100A
Theoretical physics
Thesis defence
Introduction and interpretation of the latest EPTA results
 Hippolyte QUELQUEJAY, Laboratoire Astroparticule et Cosmologie
 2023-12-18 - 14:00 → 15:00
 Bâtiment 100 - Auditorium Joliot Curie
Astroparticles, Astrophysics and Cosmology
(Thesis defence) "Development of a laser-plasma injector prototype at 150 MeV"
 Pierre Drobniak, IJClab, Accelerators Physics
 2023-12-19 - 10:00
 IJCLab, Orsay, Auditorium Joliot Curie - Building 100A
Accelerator physics
Thesis defence
"Validation of the 10Be Ground-State Molecular Structure Using 10Be(p,pα)6He Triple Differential Reaction Cross-Section Measurements"
» By P. J. Li, D. Beaumel, J. Lee, M. Assié, et al.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 131, 212501 – Published 21 November 2023
Nuclear physics
"Predicting regrowth of low-grade gliomas after radiotherapy"
» By Plaszczynski S, Grammaticos B, Pallud J, Campagne J-E, Badoual M
PLOS Computational Biology, 19(3), 2023.
Health physics
"Characterization of a bimodal multi-fibre optic clinical probe for in situ tissue diagnosis based on spectrally-and temporally-resolved autofluorescence"
» By Mira Sibai, Hussein Mehidine, Bertrand Devaux , Darine Abi Haidar Phys., 2023, 11, pp.1120314.
Health physics
"Investigation of isomeric states in 255Rf"
» By R. Chakma, A. Lopez-Martens, K. Hauschild, et al.
Phys. Rev. C 107, 014326, 2023
Nuclear physics