A CNES delegation visiting IJCLab

The laboratory received a visit from a delegation from CNES in Toulouse and the management of IN2P3 on Tuesday, September 19, 2021. Invited to spend the day at IJCLab, Olivier Lamarle (Innovation, Applications and Sciences Department, Head of the Science program Universe), Philippe Laudet (Innovation, Applications and Sciences Department, Astronomy and Astrophysics thematicist), Nadine Ladiette (Orbital Systems Department, Deputy Director Architecture Validation and Integration), Jean Paul Berthias (Orbital Systems Department, Central Technical Authority) attended presentations from the Institute, the laboratory and the A2C cluster. Together with Berrie Giebels, Vincent Poireau and Rodolphe Clédassou, they were then able to visit Virtual Data, ALTO, MYRTHO and Supratech.
Several teams from the A2C cluster are working with CNES, through the SVOM (OG team) and LiteBIRD (CMB team) projects but also for activities around the study of micrometeorites (AC team) and Gamma astronomy at MeV ( AC team).
Throughout this very rich day, we were able to discuss the laboratory, the pole, current and future joint projects. Judged by our guests as "very informative and very pleasant thanks to the quality of our welcome", this visit is an important step in consolidating our relations and preparing for the future.
A big thank you to our "guides" and to all those who helped us in organizing this day.

2021-10-05 13:52