A new partnership agreement with Colombia

A collaboration agreement between CNRS/IN2P3 and the University of Los Andes (UniAndes) of Bogota in Colombia has just been signed in the research axes developed at IJCLab. The University of Los Andes has also been integrated into the Erasmus+ program of the University of Paris-Saclay. The aim is for any researcher from IN2P3 and UniAndes to be able to conclude similar agreements within the framework of their own projects. This agreement will therefore facilitate future collaborations between the two institutions. The first Collaboration Agreement was signed between Professor Alba Ávila of UniAndes and Consuelo Guardiola (Health Pole, Radiation Et Vivant Team), at the initiative of this partnership, for the development of a new radiation sensor in radiotherapy and the two-month stay at IJCLab of a Colombian student working on this project.

2021-01-13 09:49