After the works, the experiments resume on the JANNuS-SCALP platform!

Extension work on the JANNuS-Orsay experimental hall has just been completed in building 108. The JANNuS-SCALP platform is an interdisciplinary research platform that contributes to many scientific fields, ranging from materials science to astrophysics, in through geology and nuclear physics. The fields of application are varied: nuclear (fusion/fission) and solar energies, microelectronics, and the production of isotopes for the medical sector.

The platform consists of various irradiation/implantation/ion deposition equipment (ARAMIS, IRMA and SIDONIE) and analysis. The experimental hall in building 108 brings together in particular the ARAMIS ion accelerator, the IRMA ion implanter, and the associated beamlines, two of which are connected to a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). This coupling of TEM with ARAMIS and IRMA is unique in the world due to the diversity of elements and energies accessible in situ in the microscope, and makes it possible to characterize in situ, at the nanometric scale, the evolution of structural and chemical modifications of materials subjected to one or two ion beams.

New beam lines delivered by ARAMIS will be built in the extended hall, with in particular the SIXPAC project (Set-up for In situ X-ray diffraction couPled to an ion Accelerator, in situ X-ray diffraction device coupled to an accelerator of ions). These various pieces of equipment allow the implantation and ion irradiation of materials, but also the characterization of the microstructure of materials, ex situ or in situ, by complementary techniques (analysis by ion beams, transmission electron microscopy, and soon X-ray diffraction). 

The experiments resume on the different machines, over the water for the next few weeks of restart (for any request/question: A call for experience will again be scheduled quarterly from June. Access to in situ TEM experiments with one or two ion beams is via EMIR&A, a federation of accelerators dedicated to the irradiation of molecules and materials and to analyzes by ion beams, and Infrastructure de Recherche on the 2021-2025 roadmap of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

2022-04-06 11:25