ALTO's new clothes

If you walk around building 109, at ALTO, you will certainly notice the new fresco on tarpaulin which indicates your entrance to a campus dedicated to the physics of the two infinities.

Just below the image symbolically recalling these two infinities, certain neutron-rich exotic nuclei are highlighted, in boxes reminiscent of the nuclides map: they represent the first nuclei studied with ALTO in the region of the doubly magic 78Ni. The magic nucleus 81Ga (78Ni + 3 protons) revealed its structure for the first time at ALTO.

On its lower part, the fresco ends with 5 representative photographs of the installation: the two accelerators operating at ALTO, as well as detection assemblies installed on the physics lines and using stable beams accelerated by the Tandem and radioactive beams produced by the Linear Accelerator.

A big congratulations to all the people of the Communication Department, the Infrastructures Division and the ALTO platform for this new installation!

2023-03-01 16:06