NAAREA, CNRS and Paris-Saclay University launch a joint laboratory dedicated to research in the chemistry of molten salts

06/26/2024 – Nanterre – One year after being labeled France 2030, NAAREA, a French company developing a 4th generation nuclear micro-generator with fast neutrons and molten salts, is joining forces with the CNRS and the University of Paris- Saclay to create a common laboratory dedicated to the chemistry of molten salts. Named Innovation Molten Salt Lab (IMS Lab), this laboratory will draw on the know-how of NAAREA and the 2 Infinite Physics Laboratory - Irène Joliot-Curie (IJCLab). Its objective is to become the European reference in terms of R&D in the field of molten salts for nuclear (molten salt reactor) and non-nuclear applications.

2024-07-10 11:15