The Joliot-Curie Prize awarded to an IJCLab researcher

Marcella Grasso (research director at IJCLab) was the winner of the 2020 Joliot-Curie Prize, awarded by the Nuclear Physics Division of the Société de Française de Physique (SFP). The award ceremony took place on November 18 in the presence of representatives of IN2P3 (B. Giebels), the University of Paris-Saclay (M. Guidal), and the presidents of the SFP (G. Wormser) and its Nuclear Physics Division (C. Munoz Camacho). The management of IJCLab (F. Ibrahim and S. Descotes-Genon) also joined in congratulating Marcella for this prestigious well-deserved distinction.

A theoretician in nuclear structure, she has carried out numerous works on the problem of several bodies, ranging from nuclei to metallic aggregates, including trapped atomic gases. Within the French community, she is an essential expert in density functional theory, where she has studied many of the most important questions, such as pairing correlations and effective tensor interactions. Marcella Grasso's work in theoretical nuclear structure produces both strong predictions that guide experimental research in the field, and from a more theoretical perspective, it pushes the boundaries of a long-standing problem in a way creative and modern.

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2021-11-22 09:08