Les bâtiments d'IJCLab sur le campus universitaire d'Orsay, par Jean-Yves Duhoo, auteur illustrateur

The IJCLab buildings on the Orsay campus seen by Jean-Yves Duhoo, illustrator

IJCLab welcomes you on the Orsay campus of the Université Paris-Saclay, 35 minutes south of Paris. Its infrastructures and research platforms are open for various audiences depending on the time of the year : open days,  Fête de la Science, special events, conferences…

IJCLab aims at conveying the passion for research and the taste for science to the greatest number. Many researchers, lecturers, engineers, technicians, students participate in many popular science activities, among which

  • Voyages de l’infiniment grand à l’infiniment petit : a free MOOC to understand everything about the physics of the infinitely large and the infinitely small.
  • Passeport pour les deux infinis : to learn all about the book and the associated educational project.
  • Quark poker : card games to find all the constituents of matter.
  • The Elementaire review, to discover the infinitely small and the infinitely large in 9 issues.
  • D’ici au Big Bang, from Barbara Sciascia (illustration : Agostino Lacurci, French translation : Nicolas Arnaud, Marie-Hélène Schune and Monica Varvella).
  • Sciences-ACO : the museum of science and matter where you can see the ACO machine, located on the Orsay campus.
  • The COSMIX suitcase : an educational and portable detector of cosmic rays for physics teachers and their pupils.
  • L’Ecole des 2 Infinis a training programme for science teachers in high schools and preparatory classes