Physics Reports, Volume 889, 20 December 2020, Pages 1-106

After an introduction motivating the study of quarkonium production, we review the recent developments in the phenomenology of quarkonium production in inclusive scatterings of hadrons and leptons. We naturally address data and predictions relevant for the LHC, the Tevatron, RHIC, HERA, LEP, factories and EIC. An up-to-date discussion of the contributions from feed downs within the charmonium and bottomonium families as well as from hadrons to charmonia is also provided. This contextualises an exhaustive overview of new observables such as the associated production along with a Standard Model boson (, and ), with another quarkonium, with another heavy quark as well as with light hadrons or jets. We address the relevance of these reactions in order to improve our understanding of the mechanisms underlying quarkonium production as well as the physics of multi-parton interactions, in particular the double parton scatterings. An outlook towards future studies and facilities concludes this review.

2020-12-15 15:06