(Thesis defence) "Precise measurements of charm baryons properties with the LHCb detector at the LHC"
 2021-09-16 - 14:00:00
 IJCLab, Auditorium P. Lehmann Building 200
 Elisabeth Niel, IJCLab, High energy physics, LHCb group
(Thesis defence) "Black holes, stars and cosmology in scalar-tensor theories"
 2021-09-10 - 14:00:00
 IJCLab, Bâtiment 210 - Amphi 1
 Timothy Anson, IJCLab
(HDR defence) "Beautiful Higgs Boson"
 2021-07-09 - 14:00:00
 Auditorium P. Lehmann
 Nicolas Morange, IJCLab, PHE
(Thesis defence) "Pseudoscalar Quarkonium Hadroproduction and Decay up to Two Loops"
 2021-07-07 - 15:00:00
 IJCLab, Auditorium Joliot-Curie Build 100
 Melih OZCELIK, IJCLab (Theoretical physics)
Booms that light up the radio sky - fast radio bursts
 2021-07-05 - 15:00:00
 Mohit Bhardwaj, Department of Physics, McGill University
GDR-QCD seminar: introduction to Rivet, HepMC and selected expertises
 2021-07-01 - 11:00:00 → 00:00:00
 Antonin Maire, Dominique Marchand, Zaida Conesa del Valle, IPHC Strasbourg et IJCLab
From SPARC_LAB to EuPRAXIA@SPARC_LAB: recent results and project status
 2021-06-25 - 11:00:00
 Dr.Enrica Chiadroni, LN Frascati-INFN
The structure of octupole phonons in nuclei
 2021-06-25 - 10:15:00
 Piet Van Isacker, CEA/DRF-CNRS/IN2P3, Caen
T+REFIMEVE la dissémination ultra-stable de fréquence et du temps à travers un réseau fibré
 2021-06-22 - 14:00:00
 Paul-Eric Pottie, SYRTE - UMR Observatoire de Paris - CNRS et Univ.Pierre & Marie Curie
Compton imaging: From Stellar Nucleosynthsis to Hadron Therapy
 2021-06-15 - 10:30:00
 César Domingo, CSIC-Univ. Valencia
(HDR defence) "An overview of the use of Compton scattering for radiation sources and as a diagnostics tool for high energy accelerators."
 2021-06-11 - 10:00:00
 IJCLab - Auditorium P. Lehmann - Building 200
 Aurélien Martens, IJCLab - Accelerator physics
(HDR defence) "Modeling of nuclear power systems for the study nuclear fuel cycle scenarios"
 2021-06-09 - 14:30:00
 Xavier Doligez, IJCLab, Energy and Environment