First experimental demonstration of LiquidO

The LiquidO collaboration published on December 21, 2021 on the Communications Physics de Nature website, the first publication of this project under the scientific responsibility of Anatael Cabrera (PHE Pole, Neutrinos Team), also the spokesperson for the collaboration. This collaboration brings together five CNRS/IN2P3 laboratories: IJCLab, CENBG in Bordeaux, CPPM in Marseille, IPHC in Strasbourg and Subatech in Nantes.

LiquidO, derived from basic neutrino research, is a new detection technique that uses opaque scintillators to allow particle interactions to be visualized down to the centimeter scale. Its performance is likely to give it a wide range of applications in many areas of high-energy, nuclear, medical and accelerator physics, and many are being actively explored.

Three research projects arising from this detection technique are carried out within IJCLab: the R&D project for the development of a final technological demonstrator (technical coordination: Giulia Hull, Engineering Pole, Detectors and Instrumentation Department), the “ LPET-OTech” for innovation in medical physics (technical coordination: Dominique Breton, Prospective experiments project manager), the “AM-OTech” project for fundamental and technological research for the monitoring of nuclear reactors (coordination: Christian Bourgeois, Engineering , Mechanical Department).

2022-01-26 11:55