Jihane Maalmi awarded with the 2022 CNRS Crystal Medal
Jihane Maalmi, Research Engineer from the Engineering/Electronics Pole, is the winner of the 2022 CNRS crystal medal, which distinguishes research support staff.

In 2007, Jihane joined the CNRS as a research engineer at LAL. Passionate about digital electronics and programmable circuits, she develops acquisition systems for the control and exploitation of detector data. For the SuperNemo experiment, where she is responsible for all developments relating to control, triggering and data acquisition, Jihane proposed a very innovative and versatile system designed to adapt to tree architectures. On the CALICE experiment for the future ILC, she plays an essential role in the development of a compact version of the electronics of the Si/W calorimeter with very high granularity, both for the hardware and the firmware and for the software. acquisition used since 2019 for beam tests.

Since 2017, she has also co-coordinated the electronics of the SHiP detector project at CERN (54 institutes from 18 countries). Jihane is also at the heart of the development of reading electronics for two new projects: the LPET-Otech PET-scanner prototype and the AMOTech detector which use LiquidO technology. In addition, it has been involved for many years in R&D activities on picosecond time measurement and associated instrumentation, a field in which the laboratory is one of the world leaders. She also designed and presented a course on electronics for detector physics in the new DU2I training at IN2P3. She is also a CNRS ambassador for the “XXelles science” program to promote the place of women in scientific research.
Through his academic knowledge, technical expertise and know-how, Jihane plays a decisive role in the success of national and international projects in which the laboratory and R&D on time measurement participate. Congratulations to Jihane for this crystal medal which salutes his commitment, his sense of responsibility, his human qualities and his availability to help and train colleagues and students!
2022-06-02 16:44