Launch of the SVOM gamma burst detection satellite: a new chapter opensfor astroparticle physics at IN2P3

The takeoff of the SVOM satellite on June 22 will mark the culmination of a long technological odyssey led by several Chinese and French institutes including the CNRS through its IN2P3 and INSU institutes. But for astroparticle physicists, this is only the beginning of the adventure: the start of an ambitious physics program aimed at the study of the transient sky with the main objective of unraveling the secrets of gamma bursts, these emissions of gamma radiation as brief as it is intense from distant cosmic sources. Observation strategy, reactivity, wavelength coverage... with several instruments in continuous dialogue with a network of terrestrial telescopes, SVOM has numerous assets to reveal the origin of these mysterious phenomena while contributing to the development of multi-messenger astronomy.

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2024-07-03 16:23